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SOLEIL Dress by Selvage Designs

Summer of SOLEIL: Final Roundup!

Whew. You’ve seen quite a few SOLEILs over the last few weeks, but can you believe there are still MORE amazing creations to see?! Sadly, this is the last week of the tour…womp womp womp…but I’m sure you’ll be seeing lots more around the blogosphere in the coming months. Let’s get right to it! First […]

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Matinee Dress by Jennuine Design, Sewn by Lauren Dahl

On Tour: Matinee Dress by Jennuine Design

There’s a fab giveaway at the end of this post – so be sure to read the WHOLE THING, mmmmkay?! Can you see the tired in Harper’s eyes? It really took all she could do to give me these shots. Her preschool called me on Friday afternoon to tell me she had a low fever, […]

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Mimi Pattern by Filles a Maman

Mimi Blog Tour by Filles a Maman

I’m gonna be honest with you. This little sewing project almost didn’t happen. I was feeling tired and blogged out…and I wasn’t looking forward to convincing Harper to let me take photos. But one Sunday afternoon, I had this feeling that the kids might take an unusually long nap. So, instead of heading to the […]

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Soleil Dress Sewing Pattern by Selvage Designs

Summer of SOLEIL: Weeks 4 + 5

HI you guys!! I’m so, so sorry…I decided not to do a roundup post last week for the Summer of SOLEIL blog tour for a couple reasons: 1) I was preoccupied with other things (AKA totally snowed under) and 2) it was a holiday, so not many people were piddling around on the internet. Ya […]

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Soleil Dress by Selvage Designs

Summer of Soleil: Week 3 Roundup

I’m back again with some more fabulous SOLEIL by Selvage Designs dresses! You guys are seriously blowing me away with all the cuteness on Instagram (#soleildress) and in my blog feed. Thanks so much to all of you sharing your work! First up today, we have Anneliese from Aesthetic Nest. Anneliese creates the most adorable […]

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Soleil Dress by Selvage Designs Sewn by Filles a Maman

Summer of SOLEIL: Roundup Week #2

Remember that dress sewing pattern I designed a few weeks ago? The Soleil? Yes?! Great! Because I have a couple more to show you today from my blog-tour(ish). First up are these lovely two versions (see featured photo above) made by Sew Happily Ever After for her beautiful daughters. Linda is hosting a giveaway for […]

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