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Soleil Dress Sewing Pattern by Selvage Designs

Summer of SOLEIL: Weeks 4 + 5

HI you guys!! I’m so, so sorry…I decided not to do a roundup post last week for the Summer of SOLEIL blog tour for a couple reasons: 1) I was preoccupied with other things (AKA totally snowed under) and 2) it was a holiday, so not many people were piddling around on the internet. Ya know? So here I am with weeks four and five and some AWESOME examples of what other sewists have done with SOLEIL!

First up, we have the GORGEOUS version in the featured photo of this post by La Gang a Nat. You can see her full post here. I just LOVE those triangles and the vibrant colors!

Next…wait for it…wait for it…a MAXI VERSION! Christine of Heidi & Finn lowered the hem on the SOLEIL dress and came up with this awesome variation. Make sure you check out her blog to see how she supported the additional weight of the skirt.

Soleil Dress Sewing Pattern by Selvage Designs

Next up, we have this funky striped SOLEIL dress by Max California. I have been blog/Instagram stalking Ari for months now…I’m so glad she gave us this fun take on the pattern!

Soleil Dress Sewing Pattern by Selvage Designs

So, I knew this pattern was versatile, but I continue to be blown away by all the variations you guys have created. Just look at this straight-skirt version by Christina of 2 little hooligans! Adorbs!! This is such a sweet, simple look for a little girl.

Soleil Dress Sewing Pattern by Selvage Designs

I really love this next version of the SOLEIL dress because my little girl is obsessed with ballerina attire and “dressups.” Scary, one of my favorite sewing bloggers at Shaffer Sisters, created this version with a gorgeous lace overlay on the back. I never would have thought to use all one color for this dress, but the monotone look really highlights the sweet shape and back cutout.

Soleil Dress Sewing Pattern by Selvage Designs

For a totally different look, check out Kataryna’s version on Sew Chibi. I have absolutely loved all her looks in STYLO Magazine, so to see her creativity come to life in one of my sewing patterns is so fun!

Soleil Dress Sewing Pattern by Selvage Designs

And last but absolutely not least, we have the incredibly beautiful work (and photography!) of Alexia at Leximade. I have to admit, when I first saw this, I didn’t recognize the dress! The modifications Alexia makes to sewing patterns are always stunning, and I love how this turned out. I am DROOLING over that bow!!!

Soleil Dress by Selvage Designs

So which is your favorite SOLEIL dress so far??


  • Natalie R

    Mine mine mine!!!! Just kidding!!! LOL! Actually, every time I see a new Soleil pop up, I feel I have to make a similar version! I’m dying to try with a thicker knit, like ponte… and the ballerina version would be well loved by both of my little ones! Fantastic pattern Lauren! Alix was wearing hers AGAIN today at daycare (and I’m sure she’ll be insisting on wearing it to bed tonight).


    • Lauren Dahl

      I’m so glad you love the pattern! And I do think a ponte version would be fantastic!!