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What I Didn’t See Before

My hometown is a little place along the Florida border of Alabama called Andalusia. My goal in life was always to leave that place and never look back. And for a long time, I was successful in doing just that. While visiting there this past week though, something changed. I kind of fell in love […]

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Tips for Flying with Baby

Harper and I have done quite a bit of traveling over the past year. After a dozen flights and two 9-hour road trips, I have quite a few tips to share! We have made three cross-country plane trips: Salt Lake City to Ft. Walton Beach, Florida at 2.5 months (just the two of us – […]

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Two Years Ago Today…

I rode on an elephant… Got attacked by monkeys… Met a Buddha with a light saber… Froze my toes off… Hung out with a crazy Belgian dude… And some monks… All to marry the man of my dreams. And now… we have this! Happy Anniversary to my dear, sweet husband, Scott. I love you. THE […]

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Packing List for Traveling with Baby

When Harper was 2.5-months-old, I made the (crazy?) decision to fly home…to Alabama…on three different planes each way…BY MYSELF…to visit family. I kind of freaked out a few days before the trip, and I thought that the sleep deprivation had truly gotten to me since I’d clearly made such a bad decision. But you know […]

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Celebrating Nana in Montana

Last weekend, we made the 571-mile road trip to Great Falls, Montana, to celebrate Harper’s Great-Grandmother’s 90th birthday. We had an amazing time and learned several lessons: Disposable diapers do not hold in poop as well as cloth ones. With that, our diaper bag should always contain a change of clothing for Harper AND for […]

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Sawasdee khap! (That’s Thai for Hello!)

Whew. I know I’ve been promising some awesome posts lately, and I do promise that I’ll get back to regular posting soon. I did finish Natalie’s placemats, and although I found MYSELF needing a tutorial on mitered edges, I learned a lot and really like how they turned out. For now, I want to share […]

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How to Pass 12 Hours on a Plane

Wow, am I tired. Yet, I’m so excited, I can’t go to sleep. We’re 2/3 of the way through our flights to Bangkok, and we only have six hours to go. I can’t wait for tomorrow! I just stepped off our 12-hour flight and am sitting on the floor of the Icheon/Seoul (South Korea) airport. […]

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