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Free Knitting Pattern: Two-Hour Cowl by Lauren Dahl

Free Knitting Pattern: Two-Hour Cowl

I have had all manners of ailments in the last couple weeks. Sore throat, lost voice, migraine, flu-like symptoms, terrible neck pain and now what seems like a nasty chest cold or bronchitis. I’m sure it’s all related or at least working together to try and send me to an early grave. I was on […]

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Things that are happening.

Well first, there’s this. My sweater design for KnitPicks is ALMOST ready for testing! At least it’s knitted. Now, I just have to let it dry. Seam it. Photograph it. Grade the pattern. Make tutorial videos. Have it tech edited. Sign up testers. Have it tested. Edit the pattern if necessary. And then, you know, […]

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Wednesday WIPpin’

I have no idea if I’ll make this a regular feature on my blog. But hey – it’s Wednesday. And I’m WIPpin’ away over here. What better time to share a few of ‘em with ya? First, my luvinthemommyhood Summer Sweater Knit Along project – Cloudy Sunday. My mother-in-law bought me four skeins of this […]

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Harper’s Owlies Sweater

I apologize if the color is a little off in these photos. I was on vacation and using a computer that didn’t have my normal editing software on it! Forgive me! I think the first pattern that caught my eye when I joined Ravelry last year was the Owlet sweater by Kate Davies. And when […]

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Free Knitting Pattern: Baby Frog Legs

Baby legwarmers are genius. They’re cute, too, of course…but seriously…brilliant. I call these “Baby Frog Legs” because the first thing my mom texted me after seeing a photo of newborn Harper was, “Awwwwww, baby frog legs!” You know, little babies always have their legs drawn up in a frog-like fashion. It’s extra-cute. You can  put […]

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Winter Wonderland Jacket

I cannot say enough good things about this pattern by Lisa Chemery (frogginette on Ravelry). First, it was easy. I mean, REALLY easy. I finished the actual knitting in 48 hours flat. Seriously. Second, it was fun. The combination of large needles, thick yarn and instant gratification made this a perfect project for me. Next, […]

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Free Knitting Pattern: Embellish This! Hat

I call this pattern the “Embellish This!” Hat because it’s a super-simple project just waiting for the perfect felt flower or other such goodness. I created this pattern by doing some simple math that you can do, too, to customize it for any size person and any type of yarn. (I’ll give you customization instructions […]

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Free Knitting Pattern: Headband Flower

When Harper was born, she had this glorious full head of black hair (not quite sure where that came from!), but now, she’s a little more on the bald side. Beautiful, of course…but bald. So, even though I vowed to never put a huge flower or bow in her hair, I do find this little […]

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Aidez Moi

Ahhh, my first sweater. And what buttery goodness it is… Being the perfectionist that I am, I’m quick to point out that it has several “design features” (read: mistakes), but that’s what learning is all about, no? I am just happy to finish this project since I started it back in February. Overall, this was […]

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In Love with the Lovebug Booties

My friend Maggie housesits for me on occasion, and this last time, I told her to pick out a pattern on Ravelry for me to knit for her as payment. I must admit that I was a little apprehensive when she picked the Lovebug Booties by Carrie Bostick Hoge on Ravelry because I usually don’t […]

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Sweet, Sweet Baby Feet…

Is it just me, or does everyone else want to eat these little things? I can’t get enough of them. I am quite bummed that the footprints taken at Harper’s birth seem to have gone missing in the mail, but photos like these will suffice, I’m sure. If Harper’s anything like her daddy and me, […]

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