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Free Knitting Pattern: Two-Hour Cowl by Lauren Dahl

Free Knitting Pattern: Two-Hour Cowl

I have had all manners of ailments in the last couple weeks. Sore throat, lost voice, migraine, flu-like symptoms, terrible neck pain and now what seems like a nasty chest cold or bronchitis. I’m sure it’s all related or at least working together to try and send me to an early grave. I was on my back most of last weekend, but I had a major hankering for an instant gratification project.

Enter the Two-Hour Cowl.
Free Knitting Pattern: Two-Hour Cowl by Lauren Dahl

We had a babysitter scheduled for Saturday “Date Afternoon,” but the sushi-rolling class Scott had scheduled to surprise me with was unfortunately canceled. So what did we do? We went to Joann! I had a 60%-off coupon for one cut of fabric, so naturally I left with a couple balls of yarn instead. Go figure.

By Sunday afternoon, I had a fun, new accessory for the impending fall weather. Free Knitting Pattern: Two-Hour Cowl by Lauren Dahl

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Size US17 (12.75mm) 29″+ circular needle
  • Two balls of Lion Brand Thick & Quick

Gauge isn’t super important since the cowl is oversized and very stretchy. 

And here’s how to knit it:

  1. Holding the yarn double, CO 70 sts.
  2. Join to work in the round. Be careful not to twist your stitches. I didn’t mark the beginning of my round; I simply used the tail as my marker.
  3. Work in K1/p1 ribbing until the cowl measures 8″ tall. That will be about 18 rounds, and you will have used most of the yarn.
  4. BO loosely in pattern.
  5. Weave in ends.
  6. Enjoy!

It will measure about 40″ around when done. I am wearing it doubled in the photos.

Free Knitting Pattern: Two-Hour Cowl by Lauren Dahl Free Knitting Pattern: Two-Hour Cowl by Lauren Dahl Free Knitting Pattern: Two-Hour Cowl by Lauren Dahl

Find it here on Ravelry!

  • Becca

    Thank you so much for posting this. I’m a total knitting beginner and this was a great project for me to try circular needles for the first time. It took me four or five tries but once I got the hang of it, this was a breeze. (A stitch marker helped me, and remembering to move my working yarn to the correct side when switching between knitting and purling so I didn’t add stitches.) I’m happy with my new cowl- just needs a little stretching out. Thanks!

    • Lauren Dahl

      I’m glad you liked the project! You might try washing the cowl in a gentle detergent and then stretching it out to dry while wet. :)

      • Hana

        Lauren; Thank you for sharing this pattern. It is very generous of you. I would never have learned so much about kntting without women like you. Bur I simple cannot buy one more long circular. I just maxed out on big fat circulars… pattern was way wrond an Ikep buying larer and larger. I now have a wardrobe of US#13’s. Can I us them to do this? Hana