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Sewing with Leather

Little Papoose Moccs for My Three-Month-Old Boy

How handsome is this boy?!

Little Papoose Moccs by Peekaboo Pattern Shop

And how adorable are these shoes?!

Little Papoose Moccs by Peekaboo Pattern Shop

I can’t believe this little guy is already three months old. He’s been the perfect addition to our little family. Other than, you know, the poop blowouts, the pee hydrant, the puke in my bed and the night feedings, he is just a joy to be around.

Seriously though. He is already about 25″ tall and 15 pounds. He’s wearing 9-month-size clothing. HUGE! That’s about the 95th percentile for height. I guess he got that from his daddy’s (tall) side.

ezra three months ezra three months 2

I sewed the shoes using some leather I scored (for free!) from the local upholstery store. The pattern is the Little Papoose Moccs by Peekaboo Pattern Shop (affiliate link), and I just loved sewing it! You could probably whip these babies out in about half an hour from start to finish – including tracing/cutting. There are only three or four steps to their construction.

Little Papoose Moccs by Peekaboo Pattern Shop

A few little pointers though… This leather was quite thick, so I used a size 18 (!!!) leather needle on my machine and my super-sharp Gingher scissors to cut the pieces. The thread was polyester-coated polyester labeled “heavy” at Joann. The pattern says you may use a safety pin OR bodkin to feed the elastic through the casing, but I found a bodkin absolutely necessary to get through the thickness of this material. Also, I used 3/8″ elastic instead of 1/4″ (as called for in the pattern) simply because it’s what I had handy. I would use it again though because sewing the ends together was kind of a doozie – I can’t imagine doing it with anything narrower.

Sewing with Leather

I made the 3-6mos size, and they are an absolutely perfect fit. I’m sure I’ll be making more of these as he grows!

  • suz

    How cute!!! and an achievement to make shoes!!

  • Abby

    These are so cute! I love Amy’s patterns. I have some green leather that I’ve been wanting to make moccasin’s out of, but I just can’t bare to cut into it yet :).

  • Amy Hindman

    These turned out so cute! Glad you liked the pattern :)

  • Julie

    Those little shoes (and baby!) are soo cute! I just recently bought the pattern. How does one go about getting free leather at an upholstery store…..?

    • Lauren Dahl

      I just called and nicely asked if they had any remnants or scraps they were getting rid of. He told me to come by and see what they had. They had some great pieces!! He told me I could have some for free…but if I wanted a bunch (I didn’t), I could pay for them. So I took some free pieces!