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Make Your Own Upcycled Undies

Upcycled? Undies? Ummm, yeah. Those words probably shouldn’t go together. That is, unless, you haven’t upcycled ACTUAL underwear. Instead, do what I did – upcycle other knit clothing into comfortable, cute panties! I will be the first to admit that I absolutely love cheap, big-box underwear (Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, etc.). They are simply […]

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Free Owl Applique Pattern

I contemplated calling this post “Sweatshirt Sex Change” because that’s precisely what I did for this project. However, I figured “Free Owl Applique Pattern” would be more appropriate for search engine traffic. Who knows what kind of audience I’d get with the former… I didn’t do a full-on tutorial for this project because frankly, if […]

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Knitty Ditty Bags

I’m a  sucker for cute little fabric things…especially things in which to hold other things (read: bags). In fact, I have dozens of them hanging around my house. (I blame my two years of developing prototypes for my farmer’s market booth.) Nevertheless, one can always use more bags for various uses around the house. I […]

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A Grammar Lesson for Reality Stars

Scott and I don’t subscribe to cable television. We’re happy to watch Nova documentaries and Star Trek reruns on Netflix every night. However, I have a little bit of a weak spot for crappy reality television. Let’s just say I cried for a week when “The Hills” was canceled. Okay, not really. But I did […]

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Google AdWords Keyword Tool Tutorial

I developed this tutorial on the Google AdWords Keyword Tool a while back for a nonprofit client of mine. I decided to post it here because I thought it might shed some light on the tool for you crafters who have considered running paid search campaigns for your Etsy stores and websites. Enjoy! And let […]

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Toddler Skirt Tutorial

Today’s tutorial is for a super easy-to-make toddler girls’ skirt. You will need: Fabric (1/4-1/2 yard – see chart below) Coordinating thread 3/4″, non-roll elastic (child’s waist measurement + 1″) Rotary cutter Self-healing cutting mat 6″x24″ Omnigrid ruler Thread clipper/scissors Safety pin or bodkin Seam gauge Sewing machine Serger (optional) (Don’t let the exhaustive list […]

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