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Ezra’s Birth Story

Has it really been four months since I’ve posted? Why yes, I guess it has. I really have no reason for my absence except for…you know…third trimester, having a baby, buying a new house, moving in to said house, having family in town for several weeks, etc. You know – the usual. I’m sure I’ll […]

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Things that are happening.

Well first, there’s this. My sweater design for KnitPicks is ALMOST ready for testing! At least it’s knitted. Now, I just have to let it dry. Seam it. Photograph it. Grade the pattern. Make tutorial videos. Have it tech edited. Sign up testers. Have it tested. Edit the pattern if necessary. And then, you know, […]

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Last week I joined the millions of women who have experienced the loss of a pregnancy. We found out I was pregnant just a few weeks ago. I hadn’t really been keeping track of my periods for whatever reason, but one Sunday afternoon, I realized it had been quite a while since Aunt Flo visited. […]

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Tips for Flying with Baby

Harper and I have done quite a bit of traveling over the past year. After a dozen flights and two 9-hour road trips, I have quite a few tips to share! We have made three cross-country plane trips: Salt Lake City to Ft. Walton Beach, Florida at 2.5 months (just the two of us – […]

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Pattern Review: Big Butt Baby Pants

It became apparent very quickly after Harper was born that finding pants to fit over her cloth diapers was going to be a major endeavor. During the summer, it wasn’t a problem because she could just wear her diaper with nothing else. But when the temperatures started heading south, well, she needed to start wearing […]

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Why No One Approves of Your Natural Birth Plan

Update 12/16/11 – I understand many women don’t have the option for whatever reason to pursue a natural birth OUTSIDE a hospital. My opinions below also go for those pursuing a natural birth inside one! I simply talk mostly about home birth/out-of-hospital because that was my personal experience. The conversation inevitably goes like this: Concerned […]

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Baby-Led Weaning

A few months ago, I decided that we wouldn’t be using baby food in a jar. Honestly, it was never really a consideration for us because 1) the stuff is damn expensive and 2) it doesn’t seem healthy to me with the preservatives and such and 3) I don’t like the idea of throwing all […]

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Newborn Checklist

Before Harper was born, I was completely at a loss as to what I would need when she arrived. I mean, I knew she needed clothes, some diapers, a crib (?) etc., but I was stressed to the max worried about what I was missing. Of course, it all came together just fine, but I […]

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Packing List for Traveling with Baby

When Harper was 2.5-months-old, I made the (crazy?) decision to fly home…to Alabama…on three different planes each way…BY MYSELF…to visit family. I kind of freaked out a few days before the trip, and I thought that the sleep deprivation had truly gotten to me since I’d clearly made such a bad decision. But you know […]

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The Birth of Harper

After randomly watching “The Business of Being Born”and “Born in the U.S.A.” early in my pregnancy (my husband and I are Netflix documentary nerds), I became intensely interested in having a natural birth experience. I should note that I wasn’t always so interested in intervention-free birth – quite the contrary. I had always assumed I […]

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