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Best Fabric Marking Tool for Garment Sewing

The Best Fabric Marking Tool for Garment Sewing

Through my many years of sewing, I’ve had mostly frustration with fabric marking tools. You know – there are the expensive markers that wear out too fast and fade before you have time to actually sew the marked pieces. And there are the horrible pencils that barely leave a mark and require you to practically […]

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Wardrobe Architect: My Style

Wardrobe Architect: My Style

A few weeks ago, I told you about Coletterie’s Wardrobe Architect series and shared with you my color palette. Over the past few weeks, I’ve also been collecting lots of inspiration via Pinterest to narrow down the silhouettes that I find most appealing, most flattering and most appropriate for my lifestyle. I’ve assembled these into […]

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T-Shirt Twill Tape Neckline Tutorial

T-Shirt Neckline Twill Tape Tutorial

Do you ever feel like your handmade clothes are just missing that certain something that higher-end, ready-to-wear clothes always have? Maybe I’m the only emotional dresser, but for me,Β it’s oftentimes little Anthropologie-esque details that determine whether or not a handmade garment makes it into regular rotation. I’ve been making a ton of tees from the […]

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Little Feet

When Sewing Becomes Overwhelming

I hear it all the time – “You are a machine!” “Do you sleep?!” “Your kids are so lucky.” “How do you do it all?” “You amaze me!” The truth is that I’m not a machine. IΒ sometimes don’t get enough sleep. My priorities fall by the wayside. My family suffers. I am not always amazing. […]

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Oliver + S Swingset Skirt | Flutter Sleeve Top - It's Always Autumn

Kids’ Clothes Week: Oliver + S Swingset Skirt & Girls’ Flutter Sleeve Top by It’s Always Autumn

Whoop, whoop – Harper has finally decided she likes having her picture taken! And I finally decided to get my camera out! And no, I didn’t sew and photograph this all in one hour! I made it weeks ago. But I digress. First, let’s talk about…womp womp womp…my photography for this post. A long, long […]

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