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Sew Kinetic is Closed. Permanently.

This is one of those posts people usually start with something like, “This post is so hard to write,” or, “It pains me to write this post.” Well, the truth is that it isn’t. And it doesn’t. I am actually quite happy to write this post. It took several months and a well-crafted financial analysis […]

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Haters Gonna Hate.

Thanks to Google Analytics and a sudden flurry of Pattern Workshop sales (yes, that happens even after negative publicity!), I recently realized that I’ve been the topic of some heated discussion in the sewing blogging community. Yes, GOMI, I’m talking to you. And yes, I know it’s happened several times since I launched my course. My husband has […]

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how to tidy and secure your serger tails

How to Tidy and Secure Serger Tails

I recently sewed like a million Union St. Tees by Hey June Handmade (to be blogged, soon!), and I used it as practice for getting the perfect V-neck. I also used it as an opportunity to photograph how I tidy and secure my serger tails. It’s really simple. All you have to do is make […]

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must have sewing tools collage

20 Must-Have Sewing Tools

Having been sewing for quite some time (25+ years), I sometimes forget how long it takes to accumulate all the necessary supplies and equipment to be ready for virtually any garment project. Sure, there are various notions that are purchased on a garment-by-garment basis, but there are also those items that you use over and […]

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