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Creating my Duct Tape Dress Form

Duct Tape & Decoupage

Over the years I’ve come across several tutorials for creating duct-tape dress forms, and I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of having a custom-made mannequin. Patterns can be unpredictable (I’m a size WHAT??!), and I’ve been longing for a break from the confines otherwise-known-as McCall’s and Simplicity. Enter “Duckie,” as I’ve just affectionately named […]

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Easy Roasted Red Pepper & Pesto Pasta Sauce

In our house, “quick dinner” is almost always synonymous with pasta. One of my favorite  and easy dishes to whip up is pesto and whatever type of pasta we have available. Here’s my recipe for a simple, yet extremely tasty, sauce: About a cup of of fresh basil leaves About a cup of grated parmesan […]

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Crafting Playlist for Pandora

I ♥ Pandora… and, I ♥ crafting. It’s only natural that I’d have a few music suggestions for all you crafty divas out there. Here are some of my favorite Pandora stations when the artsy urge strikes: ♥ Ingrid Michaelson ♥ Emiliana Torrini ♥ Kate Walsh ♥ Madeleine Peyroux ♥ Nouvelle Vague ♥ Dixie Chicks […]

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Inspiration All Around

Sometimes I search so hard for inspiration that I forget to notice the simple beauties around me. Case and point: these beautiful flowers and crab apples just outside the door of my house. It’s the time of year when the greenery starts to disappear here in Utah, but I am savoring these last few weeks […]

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Modge Podge on the Web

Sometimes you stumble upon things on the web that are truly random…and that is a good thing! I found this blog via @etsy on Twitter – and I’m so glad I did! I loved making collages of magazine clippings and other paper scraps as a kid, so I’m sure there are some things for me […]

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Fall Mashup

Fall is… Flannel shirts. High-school football games. Pumpkin pie. Camping trips. Bobbing for apples. Perfectly broken-in leather boots. Trail rides. Falling leaves. Cool air. Alison Krauss. Baggy cords. Wooly tights. Orange sunsets. ♥My favorite.♥ Ahhhh…..

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Flannel Dress Refurb

Being a child of the 90s, I am loving the flannel trend that’s in style for this fall. However, with my current shopping budget of $0, I haven’t been able to buy any new clothes (at least, not at retail price) this year. So, I’ve resorted to purchasing things at the thrift store and remaking […]

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Antique Silverware

I love being inspired from the designs on antiques, and these vintage spoons and knives are the perfect example. I found these at the Deseret Industries (a thrift store owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) on 45th South and State in Salt Lake City, and they are divine. And at […]

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Vintage Buttons

When I was a little girl, my mother and stepfather employed two seamstresses at our family dry-cleaning business. I spent countless hours digging through their boxes of fabric scraps and buttons. In fact, they had so many buttons in one big box that I could fully immerse both my arms in them – all the […]

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