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Crafting Playlist for Pandora

I ♥ Pandora… and, I ♥ crafting.

It’s only natural that I’d have a few music suggestions for all you crafty divas out there. Here are some of my favorite Pandora stations when the artsy urge strikes:

♥ Ingrid Michaelson
♥ Emiliana Torrini
♥ Kate Walsh
♥ Madeleine Peyroux
♥ Nouvelle Vague
♥ Dixie Chicks
♥ Norah Jones

Let me know your favorite stations in the comments below!

  • Erica

    Manu Chao radio for mellow afternoons.
    Indigo Girls Radio – some overlap with Dixie Chicks but a little more folky
    Also I have a radio station that I made called Lady Crooners with Norah, Ingrid, Emiliana, Kate and Madeleine –I’ll share it with you!

    Have you ever listened to Carla Bruni? Her album Quelqu’un m’a dit is awesome. Kind of an interesting figure, she’s now the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy, but the girl can sing.

  • cynthia

    Dang I miss Pandora- we can’t get it Canada anymore-boo!- but i love Madeleine Peyroux, sigh….. I like to listen to oldies & 80’s while I craft- anything that can induce a bit of chair dancing!

  • Katie

    Emmylou Harris, which is peppered with Linda, Mary CC, Dolly, and Allison. Lovely.