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Little Feet

When Sewing Becomes Overwhelming

I hear it all the time – “You are a machine!” “Do you sleep?!” “Your kids are so lucky.” “How do you do it all?” “You amaze me!” The truth is that I’m not a machine. I¬†sometimes don’t get enough sleep. My priorities fall by the wayside. My family suffers. I am not always amazing. […]

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Parenting is hard.

The photo above is Harper “helping” me with one of my many sewing projects. I have learned to not fight this and to just let her hand me the damn pins. Today, she told me to “be careful with the spiky part.” Stay-at-home moms have it really hard.¬† They wake up day in and day […]

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The Plight of the Introverted Stay-at-Home Mom

It is 8:53pm. The kids are both asleep in their respective beds, and the husband is (somewhat reluctantly) in the garage “playing” (he could tell I was “grumpy” – AKA needing alone time). I have the flu, so I’m feeling pretty BLAH anyway, but at least I’m able to convince myself to sit down for […]

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It doesn’t matter.

Okay, so, first things first. I didn’t have time to post my Instagram photos last week for my Thursday Throwback. Perhaps I’m not cut out for planned, weekly features. Time will tell, I guess. But here they are. You might sense a somber tone in my writing today…and that’s because last week was a bit […]

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The Face of Mommyhood

It’s easy to make myself look amazingly on-top-of-things and beautiful on the web. I can pick and choose the photos I use, and then I can edit them and write a nice little summary of all the fun things I did with my little bundle of joy this week. Ahhhh, the joys of Photoshop and […]

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