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The $5 Wedding Dress

My path to finding an appropriate wedding dress for our Thailand wedding has been an interesting one with multiple detours. First, I purchased a fairly traditional gown at Nordstrom Rack on a whim…even though it was a size 10 (I am a 4-6) and a little “high-school prom” (according to Scott). I reasoned that it […]

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Toddler Skirt Tutorial

Today’s tutorial is for a super easy-to-make toddler girls’ skirt. You will need: Fabric (1/4-1/2 yard – see chart below) Coordinating thread 3/4″, non-roll elastic (child’s waist measurement + 1″) Rotary cutter Self-healing cutting mat 6″x24″ Omnigrid ruler Thread clipper/scissors Safety pin or bodkin Seam gauge Sewing machine Serger (optional) (Don’t let the exhaustive list […]

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Typewriter Keys Fabric Design

Spoonflower has a themed, “Fabric of the Week” contest, and next week’s theme is Numbers. I decided to give it a try to see what other fabric designers think of my ideas. For the contest, I mish-mashed a bunch of typewriter key letters that I found at Dafont. I actually entered a black & white […]

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Creative Ways to Save Money

Challenging times call for creative thinking, and our current situation is no exception. It’s easy to say, “I’m so broke!” or, “There’s now way I can save money with my current salary!” However, barring extreme circumstances, it’s entirely possible to save money, pay off debt and build a nest egg if you abandon your old, […]

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Pears and Apples Fabric Design

I was delighted when my future sister-in-law asked me to sew some placemats for her 2-year-old daughter as a Christmas gift. I decided to take it a step further and actually design the fabric, too! I can’t wait to send this design to Spoonflower and get it printed. I hope it looks as great on […]

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flowerhat effect

Pretty Flowers from Fabric and Vinyl Scraps

I love that embellishing things with fabric flowers and buttons is so “in” right now. First, they’re easy to make…and second, it’s a great way to add some new life to your old stuff with just a small piece of fabric. For the yoyo flower, I used this tutorial on Heather Bailey’s blog. I essentially […]

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Tier Dress Swatch 2

Turn a 70s Dress into a Gorgeous Skirt

I found a dress at Deseret Industries the other day that absolutely captivated me. The print reminded me of some things in my mother’s closet in the early 80s, so I imagine that it was made sometime in the late 1970s. It also had a well-worn, vintage-looking tag, so I knew this was the real […]

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From Pirate to Poetically Pretty

Lately I’ve been lusting after the ruffly, feminine shirts of the J. Crew and anthropologie fall collections. Yet, last time I checked, my budget doesn’t include a line item for $90 shirts. Never fear – that’s what the thrift store is for! I purchased this hideously ugly “pirate shirt” for $3 at the Deseret Industries […]

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Oooh la la!

The French have a certain “je ne sais quoi” that emanates throughout everything they do – and crafting is no exception. I recently stumbled upon this collection of French blogs, and they are magnificent. I love the creative photo treatments, distinctive and bold typography and the use of color. Enjoy the list, and let me […]

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Creating my Duct Tape Dress Form

Duct Tape & Decoupage

Over the years I’ve come across several tutorials for creating duct-tape dress forms, and I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of having a custom-made mannequin. Patterns can be unpredictable (I’m a size WHAT??!), and I’ve been longing for a break from the confines otherwise-known-as McCall’s and Simplicity. Enter “Duckie,” as I’ve just affectionately named […]

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