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Double Your Blog's Pageviews Overnight

How to Double Your Blog’s Pageviews…Overnight!

I’m sure you read the title of this post and thought, “Really? Overnight? No way. There must be a catch.”

Nope, no catch. There are some very simple and easy things you can do in about 10 minutes to dramatically increase your pageviews. When I say dramatically, I mean like double or triple OVERNIGHT. Seriously.

And the best part? You can apply these techniques to WordPress OR Blogger! Make sure you read to the bottom because I give you a second technique after detailing switching to teasers for WordPress and Blogger…

Switch Your Posts to Teasers (a.k.a. Excerpts or Magazine Layout)

A lot of bloggers are hesitant to switch to teasers because they think their readers won’t like it. But let me tell you why switching is doing your readers a major favor (even if they don’t like it at first!): it allows them to quickly see more of what your blog offers at a quick glance. Rather than scrolling through one or two endless posts that may or may not appeal to them, they can quickly see…”Oh, hey, she has tutorials! And sew-a-longs! And free patterns! Awesome!”

And for you, using teasers means lots more pageviews. Imagine this…if a reader comes by your blog homepage (one pageview), and they see that first post as a teaser, they then click through to the full post (two pageviews). Already, you’ve doubled what would have only been a single pageview since previously they could see your post in its entirety upon the initial visit. Now, imagine if you have several posts on your homepage as teasers that they want to check out. Instead of simply scrolling down the column of full posts (one pageviews), they have to click through each teaser to see the different posts (multiple pageviews). Before, they may have never even seen all your great content, but with teasers, they get so much more.

So, how do you set up these teasers? It’s easy. You can have your theme do it automatically in WordPress (if you have one that offers the capability), or you can set them up manually in WordPress OR Blogger. First, I’ll show you how to do it manually since more of you are probably in that boat.

Setting up Teasers in Blogger

In Blogger…there’s a little icon at the top of your post box that looks like a piece of paper torn in half. If you hover over it, it says “Insert Jump Break”:

How to Increase Your Blog Pageviews in Blogger


Then, just click on that icon, and the break will appear:

How to Increase Your Blog Pageviews in Blogger

It’s as simple as that. Now, your readers will have to click through a “Read More” link to see the rest of the post.

Setting up Teasers in WordPress – Manual Style

Manually setting up teasers in WordPress is just like setting them up in Blogger. You simply put the cursor where you want to insert the break:

How to Increase Your Blog Pageviews in WordPress

And then click to add the break:

How to Increase Your Blog Pageviews in WordPress

See? Easy as pie!

Setting up Teasers in WordPress – Automatic

Not everyone is going to have this capability – it totally depends on your theme. I use a heavily modified Canvas by Woo Themes, so that’s what I’ll be using in my example. Just click around in your theme settings to see if you have something similar.

In Canvas, this is called the Magazine Template. I have set my featured post to be an excerpt, as you see below:

Setting Up Teasers or Excerpts in Woo Canvas for WordPress

…and I’ve done the same for the grid of teasers that shows up below the featured post:

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 11.08.06 AM


Done! Pageviews will double pretty much immediately!

Truncating Your RSS Feed in Blogger

Now, there’s another thing you can do to dramatically increase your pageviews (and your unique visitors, too!): truncate your RSS feed. This is super easy-to-do in WordPress AND Blogger.

In Blogger, go to Settings–>Other. You will see you have a few options for setting up your feed. I recommend setting it to “Until Jump Break” or “Short.” You can experiment with them to see which looks best to you in Bloglovin’ or an RSS reader.

Truncate Your RSS Feed in Blogger

Truncating Your RSS Feed in Wordpress

Truncating your RSS feed is done almost the same way in WordPress. Simply go to Settings–>Reading, and you will find the settings there:

Truncating Your RSS Feed in WordPress

Where it says “For each article in a feed, show,” select “Summary:”

Truncating Your RSS Feed in WordPress

Perfect! The next time you make a post, check to be sure a featured image is still showing up on Bloglovin’ or Feedly. If it’s not, you should add the Add Featured Image to RSS Feed plugin in your WordPress dashboard. All you have to do is upload and activate it, and it will do its job.

Add Featured Image to WordPress

Checking Your Pageviews in Google Analytics

After just a couple days, you should notice a dramatic increase in your pageviews and pages per session metrics in Google Analytics. You can see a definite jump in my pages per session when I made these changes. To see these analytics, simply click on the drop-down menu under the “Overview” tab…see the little box that says “Pages/Session?” Yeah, just click on that to access the drop-down. You will also see Pageviews there. :)

Check Pageviews in Google Analytics

Okay, looks like you guys have some work to do! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


  • Mie @ Sewing Like Mad

    Worth a try….thanks Lauren :-)

  • tasha

    thanks Lauren! I had switched to summary, but switched back to full feed because I was losing my featured image on Bloglovin. You always find the best plugins!

    • Lauren Dahl

      Glad to help! :)

  • christina

    thanks lauren! i will have to do it manually because of my theme but i am going to try and remember to do it. thanks!

    • Lauren Dahl

      Hope it increases your pageviews! :)

  • Olu

    I didn’t even know what RSS feed was, oops! I get it now. And derrrr!!! Set featured image, I used to just ignore that bit :-)

    • Lauren Dahl

      Hahaha, get to work!

  • Sandi Knutie

    Thank you Lauren. I sent this to my daughter who has a fairly new blog. She changed her settings and is very appreciative!!!

    • Lauren Dahl

      So glad to help!

  • Felt With Love Designs

    My images weren’t showing up in bloglovin and I couldn’t figure out why but hadn’t had time to look it up. I thought it would be a more involved process. THANK YOU!!!

    • Lauren Dahl

      So glad to help!

  • cucicucicoo

    Such a useful post! Thanks so much, Lauren! It actually took way less than 10 minutes! :)

    • Lauren Dahl

      Oh, wonderful!

  • Anjeanette

    I had people complain that my feed was truncated. (Told me they only read complete feeds and skipped all others.) Do you not get that response?

    • Lauren Dahl

      You know, I enjoy blogging…but I don’t do it out of the goodness of my heart. ;) The way I see it is that if they are only reading on Bloglovin’, I am never getting any of that traffic. So if they are really into a post, they will click through. I’d rather have those few clicks than no clicks!

  • Jill @ Made with Moxie

    I’m giving this a try, however on my first post, I don’t think anyone went beyond the jump because no one entered the giveaway, which is odd for my readers. It was also the holiday weekend, so we’ll see. :)

    • Lauren Dahl

      For a giveaway, I recommend telling them to make sure to read past the jump to get to the rafflecopter or whatever you use! :) Maybe try that?