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Brigitte Sewing Pattern by Tessuti Fabrics

Pattern Review: Brigitte Top by Tessuti Fabrics

Never in my life have I snatched up a PDF pattern as quickly as I snatched up the Brigitte top by Tessuti Fabrics! The minute this thing came across my feed, I was like, “Done. Buying it!”

And buy it, I did. I have been looking for a ready-to-wear shirt just like this for ages – one with the perfect shape and fit…and that doesn’t break the bank. So when I spotted this panel stripe fabric a few months ago, I bought it even though I didn’t have a pattern in mind yet. I figured I would just make one myself if the right one didn’t come along.

Brigitte Sewing Pattern by Tessuti Fabrics

Lucky for me, Tessuti Fabrics read my mind with this pattern – boat neck, mildly fitted shape, 3/4-length sleeves (the pattern comes with short, half, 3/4 and long sleeves), every-so-slightly shaped hem. And I have sewn from a Tessuti pattern before and know they are high-quality.


Brigitte Sewing Pattern by Tessuti Fabrics

You might be surprised to know that Tessuti patterns are hand-drawn since I’m such a supporter of digitized patterns. Hand-drawn lines aside, Tessuti patterns are some of the best I’ve worked with for their accurate drafting (proper seam allowances and turnbacks, good markings, etc.) and fit. Their design aesthetic also closely matches my own.

One thing I did notice is that there were a few completely blank and unneeded pages when I printed the pattern. My guess is that they simply took the copy shop version and tiled that for printing at home without re-laying out the pieces. No worries, but you should definitely look a the tiles before you print if you want to save a few sheets of paper.

Brigitte Sewing Pattern by Tessuti Fabrics

Using the size chart included with the pattern, I selected a size 10 which fit my 34-26-36 measurements pretty much perfectly. The fit is pretty much spot-on, but if I HAD to change anything, I might widen the shoulders a little bit next time since they pull a tiny bit. But that could just be that I’m used to wearing really loose stuff these days. Or maybe that I’m just not used to boatneck necklines?

Brigitte Sewing Pattern by Tessuti Fabrics

So, funny story. Even before I got back to my van from snapping these photos, my legs started itching like crazy. I mean, like CRAZY. I looked down and had these huge blisters (and lots of tiny ones, too) all over the insides of my legs where they had touched the grass. My husband said I probably got into some nettles.

HOLY COW y’all. Do not ever get into nettles. That is all I’m going to say except that I am better now and thought I was dying there for a second. The things I do for blogging…

Brigitte Sewing Pattern by Tessuti Fabrics

So anyway, you should definitely go buy this pattern because it’s going to be my go-to shirt pattern. The fit is superb, and I had a great time sewing it up. I should note that my cover stitch machine came in SUPER HANDY when sewing that gorgeous neckline, hem and sleeve cuffs. I haven’t regretted buying that thing for one second!

Do you love this silhouette as much as I do? Is there another shape or fabric type for which you’re always on the lookout? I’ll definitely be buying panel stripes any time I spot them!

  • Heidi

    This is just absolutely gorgeous!!! I looove that panel print. This shape top is my absolute go to, I NEED this pattern!!

    • Lauren Dahl

      Yes you do!!! I think it would look great with a Syrah skirt!! ;)

  • Debbie Iles

    I don’t have this one…yet. But I love seeing it on you. And I LOVE those stripes. Looks like a great fit, but I also get what your saying about the shoulders. I’ve sewn quite a few tessuti patterns now (just finished a Tokyo, Camilla, and esther pants – actually entered this one into the monthly stitch). I second what you say on the drafting. SImple clean lines but beautifully done, which means you can open them up to any fun interpretation you want!

    • Lauren Dahl

      Yes, this pattern is so well done. I am going to use it again and again! I love it!

  • Justine

    I really like stripes. And I really like this. I think you did a really good job making the stripes in the sleeves match up with those in the bodice. (And if you ever bump into that pesky nettle, again, on your next photo shoot, calamine lotion will often ease that yucky, stinging itch.) Sorry you got that. That’s no fun. Thank you for braving the undergrowth to bring us these great pics! I especially like the second one, down (where you’re positioned in the right half of the picture, leaning to your left, looking down.) The sweater looks great!

    • Lauren Dahl

      Thanks so much, Justine! Matching the stripes was a pain. I wasn’t sure if they were supposed to match perfectly on the armholes…I’m assuming not since the curves made them kind of crazy. But I think I did OK. :)

  • Teri Dodds

    Let us know if you find any more panel stripes– I’d love to get my hands on some fabric like this! Your shirt is lovely and so are the photos, despite the nettles!

    • Lauren Dahl

      The place that I got it still has some…I can’t remember the price though. She said she didn’t even realize they were paneled when she ordered them! Great surprise!

  • Charity

    I love it with the panel stripes! It’s a classic! The pattern does have a beautiful silhouette. From the looks of the pattern page, this top is designed with slightly more narrow shoulders… it looks like it’s pulling on the models shoulders too.
    Your photos are gorgeous… but nettles! Ouch.

  • Sew Charleston

    I might have to get this top! Boatneck is my favorite type of neckline!

  • kno1ok

    The thing that’s always kept me from making one of these shirts was that I didn’t know how to do the solid part without having a seam. I never heard of a panel stripe. Where do you think I could find some of that fabric?

  • Janel

    Haven’t heard of panel stripes…where did you get this fabric? I’ve been looking and looking for some just like this.

    • Lauren Dahl

      I bought it at a local fabric boutique – it was the end of a designer roll. I had been looking for it for years, and this was a lucky score. The shop owner didn’t even realize they were paneled until she opened the box.

  • Monica Swift

    Gorgeous!! Boatneck is one of my fave silhouettes… I have done very little blog reading this summer…so much good stuff over here! :)