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Alex Boye Katy Perry Cover Roar

That Time I Was in a Music Video

YOU GUYS! You know it’s a big deal when I say YOU GUYS! because I hate it when people say YOU GUYS!!!


I was in a music video! And it was awesome and exhausting and one of the most fun days I’ve ever had…until I got lost on the way out of the Thanksgiving Point Gardens and got a migraine on the way to pick up the kids from daycare. But it was worth it. So. Very. Worth it.

You can spot me in the photo above just to the right of Alex Boye. Oh, and look a little further, and you’ll see Karly from Paisley Roots! And lots of other mom bloggers, too!

I’ll let you check it out to see the rest. Did I mention…YOU GUYS??!!!

  • María

    Wow! Such a cool music video. It looks like all the people who participated in the video had a great time. I didn’t know about this artist, untill I found the Frozen music video on Youtube. He’s so good! -María

    • Lauren Dahl

      We had so much fun! Thank you!

  • Laura Muir

    Hey! How did you get the video to embed on your post? I have been trying to get in on mine and am having trouble…. :)

    • Lauren Dahl

      Sorry it has taken me so long to respond…I just copied and pasted the code that youtube gave me! Not sure what else to do! :(

  • Needle and Ted

    Absolutely love it. More funk than the Katy Perry version. And you ladies have got some moves :-)

    • Lauren Dahl

      Ha! Thank you!