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figgy's celestial tee hosh pants-1

Some Kids’ Clothes Week Sewing

It’s Kids’ Clothes Week, y’all! You knew that, right? Well if you didn’t, let me inform you. This is a week that comes around every season where you dedicate one hour a day to sewing clothes for your kids. But when I do Kids’ Clothes Week, I go all out. So I spent a marathon day yesterday pretty much sewing ALL. THE. THINGS while the kids were in preschool/daycare. I needed a day off sewing day! And that, I got!

figgy's celestial tee hosh pants-1

All the fabrics in my first look were purchased at Joann Fabrics. Have you been lately? They just got a bunch of new stuff in (NEON STRETCH TWILL. Let me say that one more time. NEON STRETCH TWILL.), and I am dying. NEON STRETCH TWILL??!! Okay, yes, NEON STRETCH TWILL. I think I have to type that in all caps. They have neon other things, too, but I’ll save that for another day.

figgy's celestial tee hosh pants-1

The top, the Figgy’s Celestial Tee, was made in the 18M size from some lovely four-way-stretch knit. I lowered the bottom hem about 3/4″ just to give her little toddler belly a little more coverage. Perfection.

figgy's celestial tee hosh pants-1

The pants are the ever-popular Hosh Pants by LouBeeClothing. These are the 12M size in width with the 2T length/rise. And did I mention NEON STRETCH TWILL? Just making sure. The shoes are current at Old Navy.

figgy's celestial tee hosh pants-1

Incidentally, both patterns featured here are part of the Perfect Pattern Parcel bundle which is available right now! I’ll be talking a little more about this bundle on Monday, but trust me when I say the current one is AMAZING!! Go buy it! Support a charity and indie designers!

As for the photos in this post, I recently purchased Savage Seamless Paper in Bone (affiliate link) so I can do more indoor shoots during inclement weather. I’m also loving that it gives my blog a clean, minimalist look. I purchased a 53″x36′ roll of both this color and thunder gray. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of these very soon!

  • Sophie Crespy

    love the fabric you chose!! so girly and fun! great tee!

  • carin van den berg

    Love that fabric!

  • Alida

    Wait, I’m sorry, did you say neon stretch twill? I can’t remember… ;-)

  • Heidi

    NEON STRETCH TWILL. It is worth repeating again :) I love it ALL. I just need to try the hosh pants, worse case scenario she’ll just have to grow into them

  • Monica Swift

    Oooh, I hope my store has some of that…it’s a crapshoot up here. I’m thinking some neon hosh’s for my boy…! I love her little face, that second picture is priceless!

  • lindsay

    Such a cute little outfit- love the ultra bright pink with that fun little figgy’s top

  • Jill @ Made with Moxie

    LOVE! It makes me wish I was teeny weeny so I could rock a pair of neon pink pants too. Fabulous post. Thanks, Lauren!