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Cricut Explore Birthday Party Invitations

Harper’s Birthday Party Invitations with Cricut Explore

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. It is not, however, a sponsored post. I purchased all my supplies and tell you the truth, folks!

I told you guys I recently made a complete impulse purchase in buying my Cricut Explore. Well, I’ll be damned if I’m not using that thing! (And having a ton of fun!) I decided I was going to go all-out with Harper’s third birthday party invitations, and I did just that.

Cricut Explore Birthday Party Invitations

Funny story… When I came up with this idea, I asked a group of bloggers I hang out with on Facebook (LOL such dorks) if they thought it would be possible to do a little girl’s birthday party decor WITHOUT pink, purple, bunting or chevrons. Their answer was a resounding NO, and I guess I’m okay with that…since, well, these invitations obviously have ALL. THOSE. THINGS.

And that’s okay.

Because I love them. I even got glitter in there. And scalloped edges. Clearly I am winning at this.

Cricut Explore Birthday Party Invitations

And another funny story. When several of my blogger friends tried to convince me that I would be making these for myself and not for my daughter (because she would not remember nor care), I didn’t disagree. But my good friend Farrah made it all worth it when she said, “No, but all the moms will be green with envy.”

I kid, I kid. Okay, no, I’m not kidding. #sorrynotsorry

Cricut Explore Birthday Party Invitations

Truth is that the RSVPs have started rolling in, and I’ve gotten lots of fabulous compliments on these. Considering that these are only my second or third project with the Cricut Explore, and I designed them all myself from scratch, I am really proud of how they turned out.

Cricut Explore Birthday Party Invitations

I will say, however, that I’ve found working with my Cricut Explore to take a little practice. For example…I…ahem…used a brand new mat without “breaking it in” first (apparently this is a thing among die-cut aficionados), and my glitter paper was completely stuck to it the first go-around. Luckily, Jo-Ann was nice enough to exchange it for a new set AND replace my glitter paper. So thanks for that, Jo-Ann!!! :)

So there’s that. Practice makes perfect, I suppose.

Cricut Explore Birthday Party Invitations

Now the big question is whether or not I will go to similar extremes in actually decorating for the party itself. I guess time will tell as the party is in a little over a week! And I’ve done no decor planning! I did buy some colored mason jars though…for…I’m not sure. But they seemed to go along with my whole anti-chevron, anti-bunting, anti-pink/purple theme.

Cricut Explore Birthday Party Invitations

(Yes, I blurred my address and phone number out of the image above.)

All the printed paper used for this project can be found here on Heidi Swapp’s website. All my supplies were purchased at Jo-Ann except for the baker’s twine which was purchased at local stationery boutique.

What do you think? Is it worth it to go all-out for kids’ birthday parties?  

  • OnceUpona Sew

    I’m totally the mom that would deep sigh opening these lol. They’re very cute. When mine are a little bigger and can appreciate my awesome feat more I might bedazzle some invites.

    • Lauren Dahl

      Now, the party will probably be like, three balloons and a Tinkerbell cake from the grocery.

  • Monica Swift

    Ha…you got a LOT in one invitation. Love those scalloped edges. Tres cute.

    • Lauren Dahl

      I know, right?!

  • Steph Skardal

    Super super cute! Definitely green with envy. Want a cricut!!!

    • Lauren Dahl

      Ha! It takes some getting used to…but I am enjoying playing around with it. :)

  • abby @ thingsforboys

    love them…pink, purple, bunting and all! Bonus points for the glitter!

    • Lauren Dahl

      I know, bonus points for dayzzzzzzzzz…

  • Anneliese

    I love the glitter! Adorable!

    • Lauren Dahl

      Anneliese, believe it or not, you were a big part of my inspiration to do this! You create such amazing parties for your girls!!

  • Charity

    Wow, you managed to get a LOT in one card! Bunting, purple, pink, scallops, glitter, AND zig-zags? Impressive! My party planning goes like this most of the time: Cake- check, gift-check, new outfit-check, papa home-check. And depending on the year even some of those get left out.

    • Lauren Dahl

      Haha…maybe a little overboard? Oh well, it was so much fun!

  • farrah

    Wow! Now I really feel like a slacker LD! These are amazing!

    DISCLAIMER (I’m finally coming out of me self induced pattern designing coma -thanks to your amazing course- and catching up on my bloglovin feed)