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A Quick Update…

We are still alive.

I had this realization the other day. Perhaps if I stopped blogging about how I never have time to get anything done, I might actually have time to get something done. I’ve been so focused on blogging about knitting, blogging about sewing, blogging about designing things, etc. etc., that I haven’t had time to actually DO THINGS.

So, I’m taking a breather.

And I’m pretty sure we’re going to be a lot happier for it.

  • Sarajspeight

    I am doing the same at the moment too! But I did get time to test your baby leggings pattern and feedback has been sent to you!

  • Make and Do Girl

    Girl, I hear you. Balance. Balance. Balance.

    I’ve been thinking about knitting your baby leg warmers pattern for a friend. I was thinking maybe we could come up with a creative way to swap posts about it? 

    • Lauren Dahl

      That sounds like an awesome idea!!! Let’s think about it and figure something out.

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